Simon Spanswick, CEO, Association of International Broadcasting (AIB)

Simon SpanswickSimon Spanswick and his team at the AIB have agreed to provide APBF with interim management services in order to ensure a successful launch. The goal is to establish APBF as a reputable African public service focused digital content publishing and multi-platform broadcast enabling organisation.

Simon is a founder director of the AIB. His career spans both public and commercial sectors and for many years he has been closely involved in digital broadcasting. Having contributed as a freelance journalist to BBC World Service English output since 1981, Simon joined the BBC in 1986 where he served as the Project Manager for the Digital Radio Worldwide consortium.

In 1996, Simon left the BBC to join World Radio Network as Director of Corporate Affairs. He worked on a variety of projects to raise awareness of WRN in the global broadcasting industry, and secured funding from the European Commission to launch pan-European radio services.

He also led the project, part funded by Britain’s Department of Trade and Industry, to develop the world’s first portable DAB receiver. As Chief Executive of the AIB, Simon leads the organisation’s work on a day-to-day basis. Simon regularly speaks or chairs sessions at industry and consumer conferences about varied aspects of broadcasting.

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