Sal Souza – Chief Technical Officer


Sal Souza, an Industrial Designer who speaks 9 languages (English – Dutch – Konkani – Vlaams), an expert New Media / User Xperience programmer, and multi-disciplinary project management (fintech, medtech, edutech, VR, AR and ecosystems). Sal is a skilled communicator, able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with cross-disciplinary groups and promote team cohesiveness. Creative, resourceful and flexible, he is able to adapt to changing priorities and maintains a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Sal Souza is a alumni of the prestigious Piet Zwart Institute for Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where he obtained his Masters degree. Sal has previously worked in advertising, POST production, theatrical production, gaming, and industrial engineering.

Sal Souza is the managing partner for ABN’s new catalogue of digital content, multimedia, games, audio visual content and smart tools. He is the founder of Ofamfa®, Cineformat® and AntuBOX®.

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