Public Service Agenda

Africa Learning Channel

APBF’s initial focus is to establish an African Learning Channel (ALC), which it will produce in collaboration with national broadcasters across English-speaking Africa.

The core vision of ALC is to create a Legacy Library by harnessing the great television libraries of the world and by generating a vast collective library of quality, African originated programming.

The provision of effective and accessible education media needs to be adopted as a critical pillar by international financing institutions that are intent on bringing about positive, lasting change in Africa.

In line with the Education for All/Fast Track Initiative, the development of Africa’s many nations can be significantly enhanced via an efficient and relevant educational television system.

Programming will be sourced through collaborative agreements with major international content producers and by commissioning local producers to generate stimulating educational content.

Financing for ALC will be sourced via public-private partnerships with public sector funded infrastructure and capacity building initiatives; and by creating a conducive investment climate that will attract project financing from private equity sources.

ALC, a UK registered not for Profit Company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of APBF.

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