About Us

The African Public Broadcasting Foundation (APBF) is a Pan-African electronic media organization that brings together broadcasters and academic researchers to pursue a viable public service environment in Africa and to create development-oriented programs for broadcast across Africa.

APBF promotes a model that combines industry expertise and the need for commercially viable African electronic media houses with international fundraising that drives a crucial public service broadcasting agenda with the goal to uplift Africa’s populations.

Our Vision

The vision of APBF is to support the transformation of Africa’s national radio and television broadcasting corporations into digital content publishers that are committed to enlightening hundreds of millions of Africans through the medium of radio and television entertainment.

Across the globe, traditional media and content industries have been heavily hit by the transformative power of a shift to new digital media technologies. This has led to a drastic change in the manner in which we produce, store, distribute and consume television. Consequently, the means by which content was previously created and packaged has now changed.

Digital content publishing, the process via which traditional media data and/or creative ideas is converted through digital manipulation to digital data in order to develop different usages, has become the new norm.

APBF’s major focus is to provide an efficient and viable means by which a sound public service-focused African digital content publishing industry is generated.

APBF works hand-in-hand with ABN Holdings Ltd (ABN), a commercial television content hub and distribution networking agency operating in sub Saharan Africa.

ABN has a strong and growing brand presence across sub-Saharan Africa and is able to provide an effective delivery platform for APBF and assist the latter in meeting its broadcasting and information dissemination objectives.

Five Key Goals

APBF’s mission is underpinned by five distinct goals. Each of which is designed to proactively support sub-Saharan Africa’s social and economic transformation.

These, in order of priority, are as follows:

  1. The creation of a bouquet of public-service oriented, news and education focused free-to-air radio and freeview television channels for multi-platform distribution.
  1. The establishment a digital compliance and industry capacity building initiative in cooperation with key policy decision-makers and governmental regulatory bodies. The goal is to ensure a full pan-African digital switchover by 2020.
  1. Facilitate the structured creation of an African Digital Media Fund to support Africa’s burgeoning media entrepreneurs. One outcome would be the effective commercial translation of the “Greenfield” potential of sub-Saharan Africa’s content production and television industries into multi-billion dollar sectors.
  1. The stimulation of incremental growth of radio and television advertising spend across sub-Saharan Africa. The goal of APBF is to facilitate the creation of a credible audience measurement system and market research infrastructure.
  1. The development of a vibrant, social media forum targeting hundreds of millions Africa’s youth. The goal of APBF is to generate a dynamic ideas incubator in order to stimulate continuing growth enhancing discussions focusing on relevant political, cultural and, economic issues.

Corporate Overview

APBF has adopted an ownership model that safeguards its value proposition as an objective public service content generation and distribution entity.

Accordingly, APBF has established a Board of Trustees that leads a legal framework and governance structure, which ensures that financial returns accrued from the activities of APBF are re-invested in its operations.

The goal is to secure the financial security of APBF in perpetuity, while building a strong editorially independent vehicle that promotes objective television, the freedom to innovate and the capacity to promote growth generating and nation building ideas.

As such, APBF will be able to apply all of its income to sustain a public service information dissemination system that is free from commercial or political interference, and which upholds the values laid down by its Founding Board of Trustees.

APBF is a UK registered limited by Guarantee Company and, in the USA, it has been established as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) not-for profit company.

APBF has established a network of industry partners across sub-Saharan Africa and in Europe, North America and Asia. It is actively developing a vast global network of professional associates that are committed to the growth of Africa’s television industry.

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